A road sign displaying directions to the Conrad Rice Mill/Konriko Company Store, New Iberia, LA
A road sign displaying directions to the Conrad Rice Mill/Konriko Company Store, New Iberia, LA

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Our Son and his wife are taking a much needed vacation away from their
demanding work schedule and their three kids are staying with my wife and

They will only be gone less than a week, but to watch my wife get ready for
the grandkids’ visit rivals the preparations for the first Desert Storm.

She has all the meals pre-planned, schedules for day camps, football camps,
swimming lessons, dance lessons, you name it. It makes me tired just
watching her get ready.

I’m pretty sure most families may actually get busier in the summer than
during school, as all the extra hours the kids will have, need to be filled
up with activities. Seems like when I was a kid we got up when it got too
hot to sleep (pre a/c days), went out and played and showed up back at the
house in time for supper. Things have certainly changed.

One thing I know my grandkids are going to get to eat, maybe more than once,
are our Hol Grain Tacos, made with our Hol Grain Taco Mix, the only Wheat
and Gluten Free, Verified NON GMO and Kosher Taco mix in North America. The
beauty of our taco mix, beside how good it tastes, is its ease of

You can whip up a batch of Hol Grain Taco mix in less than 15 minutes, and
be assured the kids will not only be getting a healthy meal but one they
will enjoy. The only problem we have is our oldest grandson is 12 but looks
like he is 15...the boy is big and tall, and it takes a lot of food to fill
him up. So we will just make two batches of Taco Mix and that should solve
that problem.

If you are planning meals for your kids this summer I would strongly suggest
you get some of our Hol Grain Taco Mix. If your local supermarket or Natural
Food Store doesn’t have it, do not despair, it is available through our
secure website, www.holgrain.com. We even have a 10% discount on our Taco
and Fajita mix for the month of June, 2016.

Enjoy your Summer, I know our grand kids will!!

Taco Maker-in-Chief,
Mike Davis
Conrad Rice Mill, Inc.
New Iberia, La.



Wow, does the time fly when you’re having fun!  When I bought Conrad Rice Mill in 1975, I was the youngest rice miller in the USA.  Now, after 40 years of running this old Mill, I’m the oldest rice miller in the USA.  Frankly, I think that’s a good thing – you do learn a little along the way!  In my case one of the things we think we’ve figured out is where the food trends are going and how they can apply to our operation.  Simple, really.  All along we just kept making the best products we could, using simple, pure ingredients.  Recently, I read in the Wall Street Journal that the major food companies are reformulating their products to meet today’s consumers’ desire for simple, pure products.  Well, that must make us pretty darn smart as that’s how we’ve always made our products.  The bench mark among our employees is: “If we can’t pronounce an ingredient or if it sounds too scientific, we don’t use it, ever”.  Case in point, our QUIGGS brand Yellow Rice is the only yellow rice in North America that is made with pure, simple ingredients.  No MSG, no HVP, no red or yellow dyes, etc.   It is just not necessary to use all those chemically sounding ingredients.  They sound so scary that I figure they can’t be good for you – so why use them?  Keep it Simple, that’s our motto.  We keep tweaking our product line, trying to make what we make better and made more efficiently.  For those of you living on the West Coast, we’ve picked up two new distributors, one in the Bay Area and the other in Sacramento, California.  We’re also making headway in the Pacific North West.  Our beautiful home town of New Iberia, Louisiana continues to remain a great place to work and live.  Please come see us and visit America’s Oldest Rice Mill.  We’re open to the public Monday thru Saturday, year round.  Lots of good stuff for you to eat and some great Louisiana coffee to wash it down with.  Thank you for your continued support of our brands and our operation.  We do appreciate it!

Mike Davis



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